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A new Binance smart chain based Cryptocurrency, with a low slippage, high reflections & daily giveaways in the most wonderful time of the year!

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Your mood is the way you are feeling at a particular time. If you are in a good mood, you feel cheerful. December is the best month of the year for being cheerful and bullish in the Crypto Space.


Here at Santa₿TC we are pledged to the Christmas spirit of that givers gain, by giving others. Our team are dedicated to giving our community and investors great rewards and value in the BSC space. And, we are also on a mission giving away gifts as charity to help create some much needed new sunshine stories, for those less fortunate than many of us.

Let`s all shout $HOHO and get in the holiday spirit together as a community in Santa₿TC.

About us

Why Choose Santa₿TC?

Santa₿TC is making his way into the Cryptocurrency market to reward those who will shake his hands with BTCB rewards, in other words — when you hold Santa₿TC HOHO token you’ll receive rewards in Pegged Bitcoin ! Amazing right?

Santa₿TC comes with exciting features that guarantee steady Bitcoin rewards to holders, the Santa₿TC project got the inspiration from the giving spirit of Christmas, Christmas is all about sharing and giving. Santa being a generous cheerful giver have decided to follow a proven code that will no doubt bring smiles into the face of those who hold on to it.

Meet the crew






Co Founder

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Seed sales to goal 17 BNB
Santa₿TC 100%
Private sales to goal 100 BNB
Santa₿TC 100%
Presale target 150 BNB
Santa₿TC 100%


Our strategy and project plan

The main purpose of the $HOHO token is to give BTCB stable-coin to anyone in the crypto market who wants to make great returns by just hodling $HOHO token without any hassle.

2021 - 1st phase

Token Birth

Create SoMe Channels
Create Community
Seed Sale
Private Sale
Website V1 Creation

Sweepwidget contest for whitelist
Community Building
Promotions on token websites
CMS Top Trending
Twitter Crypto Influencers Promotions
Telegram AMAs
Dessert Finance Audit
Public Presale
Ads Banner Promotions on PooCoin
IDO on Pancakeswap

2021 - 2nd phase


Certik Audit
Daily Advent Calender draws
More Community Shill Raids
More Community Building
CMC listing
CoinGecko listing
More AMAs

2021 - 3rd phase

$2.5M MCAP

Paid Shill Raids & Bots
CMS Top Trending
Dextools Top trending
More Twitter Crypto Influencer Promotions
More AMAs

2021 - 4th phase


Website V2 Update
More Marketing & Youtuber Crypto Influencer Promotions
More Marketing & Twitter Influencer Promotions
More Marketing and Promotions On Crypto Tokens Websites
More Marketing And Promotions On PooCoin
Core Team Public Doxx
First Christmas Charity Project Giveaway
Dextools Top trending
Bigger AMAs In TG and Twitter Spaces Communities

2022 - 5th phase


Bigger AMAs In TG and Twitter Spaces Communities

Status presale


November 28th, 2021, Sunday, 6:00 PM (UTC)

Hard cap:

150 BNB

Soft cap:

75 BNB



Project protocol:


SantaBTC Token Contract Address:​


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