Reviving the spirit of giving

Now, December is a month when we tend to prioritize business over rest, shopping over time, and spending over giving. For most of us, the holiday season described in “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” is almost entirely obscured by retailers’ Christmas commercials on loop. It’s standard to blame technology at times like these, but we as a team in Santa₿TC thinks tech and cryptocurrency can actually help us reconnect with what this time of year used to be about. We are using our Santa₿TC project to help put the “giving” back into the Giving Season. Many people already have traditions of donating to charities within the context of holiday giving, so as a Community we will be doing just that. Our project makes charitable giving as much about expression as it is about doing good, and this matters. Our Santa₿TC project democratizes giving and appeals to the way we live now, but still helps our community and investors reconnect with the giving spirit of the season. Our vision is to use Santa₿TC project to provide an ongoing income for charitable projects deemed appropriate for support by our community. We will be concentrading on giving a a better everyday life for just a moment of time when it`s usually hardest emotional for refugees, homeless people and expecially the kids. Our Charity stage plans:

Our First Charity Project

Lets get into the story about Omar

Refugee 4 Refugees founder, Omar Alshakal was forced to flee his home in Syria due to the civil war and arrived at the island of Kalymnos, Greece, after swimming for 14 hours from the Turkish cost in 2014

After receiving asylum in Greece, he travelled to Germany but upon hearing of the humanitarian emergency on the Greek island he returned to help thos who are currently living through similar experiences.

He knows first-hand the problems involved in obtaining asylum, what it is like to create a new life in a country far from the place you call home, often losing everything along the way.

After realising that he was well positioned to help fellow refugees and asylum seekers, he decided to start the organisation in 2017. With administrative support from Andrea Montenegro in 2017 and initial assistance from Imaya.

Refugees4Refugees was created, in order to asssist refugees and asylum seekers on their arrival to the Greek shores of Lesvos